The Borderline, Soho

We’ve installed new toilet cubicles and unique duct panels at a popular music venue as part of a recent extensive refurbishment project.

Mezzo toilet cubicles - Borderline Soho +
Cubicles with specialist graphic printed duct panels - Borderline Soho +
Borderline Soho lighting +
Mezzo toilet cubicles, each one with a different graphic printed to the duct panels - Borderline Soho +

The Borderline club in Soho has provided a platform to countless bands and artists over the last two decades and is still going strong.

Washroom’s Mezzo toilet cubicles were manufactured in white solid grade laminate (SGL), which as well as being easy to clean and maintain is also resistant to graffiti and impervious to water.

The stylish Mezzo cubicles also feature satin anodised aluminium curved pilasters. The anodising process is unique amongst surface treatments as it integrates totally with the metallic substructure rather than simply being applied to the surface of the aluminium. As the anodic layer enhances the natural qualities of the aluminium, it helps provide an exceptionally durable surface resistant to water and humidity, as well as creating an attractive finish.

The bright white SGL cubicles doors and partitions were designed to show off the striking, unique artwork on the Concerto duct panels installed behind the wall-hung WC pans in each cubicle. Manufactured from highly durable SGL, the duct panel system in each cubicle features a specialist graphic printed sheet to the face. Each cubicle features a different graphic, all of which were specially designed by the architect to reflect the personality and style of The Borderline.

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