Arpeggio Vanities

The Arpeggio collection offers one of the most comprehensive vanity unit ranges on the market. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to create the perfect solution to your requirements.

Concrete vanity unit

concrete vanities

Concrete vanities are ideal for an on-trend industrial-inspired urban design theme.

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Corian vanity unit

NBS BIM logoCorian vanities

Solid surface lends itself to being cut, bent and joined to a seamless smooth finish.

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Granite vanity unit

Granite vanities

Affording all the luxury of a natural material, granite is available in a range of finishes.

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Solid Grade Laminate vanity unit

Solid Grade Laminate vanities

Manufactured from 12/13mm solid grade laminate and totally impervious to water.

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Silestone vanity unit

Silestone vanities

Manufactured from natural quartz and incorporating anti-bacterial properties.

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High Pressure Laminate vanity unit

High Pressure Laminate vanities

Manufactured from moisture resistant MDF and an ideal choice for a dry environment.

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LG Hi-macs vanity unit

LG Hi-macs vanities

A solid surface material with an enhanced structure.

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Domus vanity unit

Domus vanities

A conglomerate with excellent bending, impact and absorption resistance.

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Staron vanity unit

A natural material blended with resin to enable seamless jointing.

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Marble vanity unit

Marble vanities

Highly polished to enhance the timeless characteristics of the material.

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Zodiaq vanity unit

Zodiaq vanities

Manufactured by DuPont, Zodiaq is the original quartz surface material.

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Glass vanity unit

Glass vanities

Glass vanities provide a minimalist, contemporary solution for the washroom.

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Baby Change vanity unit

Safe, practical and attractive in any environment.

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