Shower Cubicles

With a choice of toughened back-painted low iron glass, solid grade laminate or cast acrylic, all of which can be specified in a variety of different colours, our shower cubicles are the perfect fit, whatever your requirements

Forte shower cubicle

NBS BIM logoForte shower cubicle

Impervious to water, Forte is ideal for shower and wet area changing cubicles.

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Luminoso Acrylic shower cubicle

NBS BIM logoLuminoso Acrylic shower cubicle

Luminoso’s cast acrylic construction is ideal for both private and public shower facilities, providing a uniform appearance to both sides of the panels for a more polished overall appearance.

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Luminoso Glass shower cubicle

NBS BIM logoLuminoso Glass shower cubicle

Luminoso glass is an alternative shower cubicle to the popular acrylic option.

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Marcato shower cubicle

NBS BIM logoMarcato shower cubicle in lime green

A highly engineered cubicle designed with high-specification projects in mind.

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Mezzo shower cubicle

NBS BIM logoMezzo shower cubicle

Comprising curved aluminium pilasters and headrail with solid grade laminate (SGL) partition.

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Mezzo Aqua shower cubicle

Mezzo Aqua shower cubicle

Designed with the leisure industry in mind, Mezzo Aqua provides an elegant solution for shower areas.

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