Washrooms designed to deliver

23rd May 2022

Our in-house design department works closely with our clients to provide a solid foundation for their washroom designs, interpreting the latest trends and balancing this with the need for washrooms that can be built to withstand the rigours of a high traffic environment.

Design is so much more than the sum of its parts. It’s as much about how all different elements come together and work as a whole. Here are just a few ways we can ease the journey from initial design concept to practical completion to help architects and specifiers make their vision a reality.



We’ve invested a lot into making sure the majority of our products are available to download as BIM objects through the NBS platform. This means that they can be easily and seamlessly integrated into our client’s plans so they can see how their entire washroom will look once complete with tiles, flooring and other accessories as well how it will complement the rest of the building. In addition to this, our team is able to produce accurate drawings and realistic 3D rendered drawings to bring your designs to life.

Materials samples

We’re proud to be able to offer a completely bespoke service which means that no two washrooms we deliver are ever the same. This breadth of offering comes down in part to being able to work with such a wide range of materials. We’re always on the look-out for new materials, new finishes, colours, solid materials or veneers and accessories to create the trend-led washroom designs our clients demand.

Washroom materials samples board

To help navigate the vast array of materials and finishes available, we can provide samples for architects. Having an actual sample of the material allows architects to get a better sense of the colour and finish of the product in different lights to see how it will interact with the washroom design as a whole.

And as a manufacturer as well as a designer, we’re very aware of issues with materials shortages and cost rises , which is why our dedicated procurement team works closely with the design department to make sure we can deliver, suggesting like-for-like alternatives where necessary so we can always meet project deadlines.

Product samples and mock-ups

We know how important it is for architects and clients to have something more tactile and 3D alongside the digital design tools. That’s why we have a range of miniature yet accurate product samples for architects and clients alike to consider as part of their initial design phase. Likewise, we can also create fully working mock-ups to full scale in our factory once production is about to get underway. This gives clients the opportunity to see their finished designs exactly as they will look, without having to wait for completion on site.

Alto cubicle product sample

Putting an emphasis on sustainability

Sustainability is increasingly a driving force for our clients. When it comes accreditations like SKA and BREEAM which apply to the whole project, it’s vital that every member of the supply chain plays their part in achieving the required sustainability criteria and we’re no exception.

We’re proud to be able to work to the parameters set and can advise on sustainable material options such as bamboo veneer as an alternative to slow-growing hardwoods or solid surface materials manufactured using recycled materials. A key part of creating a sustainable project lies in considering the product’s lifecycle – we’re able to advise on durable materials which will withstand high levels of use over a prolonged period with minimal maintenance required.

Over the last two decades, we’ve worked on countless projects and understand exactly how to create stylish washroom spaces which balance form and function perfectly – taking our clients’ designs to the next level. Why not get in touch today to see how we can help your next project?