There’s more to toilet cubicles than meets the eye

9th July 2019

We’re constantly adding more options to our already extensive toilet cubicle range to offer clients a virtually limitless choice.

We can create bespoke toilet cubicles to suit any washroom design – whether you want your washrooms to complement other common areas or make a statement as a stand-alone design. We have a huge array of colours and finishes available to specify from including real wood, engineered veneers, toughened glass and a range of laminates such as Formica and FENIX NTM.

As we design and manufacture in house and we’re always on the look-out for new materials and experimenting with new techniques, it means the possibilities are virtually endless. Here are just some of the additional options we’ve recently added to the range, just to give you a flavour!


Adding Corian edging

We can manufacture our popular full height Alto toilet cubicle doors with Corian solid surfacing edging rather than opting for the same material as the doors and partitions. Corian is available in a huge range of colours so it’s up to you whether you choose a shade to match or contrast with the cubicle door.

Innovative hinge systems

We love the Stealth pivot hinges from PORTAPIVOT we installed on a recent office washroom project. The compact and self-closing pivoting hinge system works in all directions (up to 360 degrees) and is designed to operate smoothly to make even the heaviest of toilet cubicle doors feel lightweight and easy to open. Best of all – it’s completely hidden once installed so you’d never know it was there.

Bespoke architectural ironmongery

Finishing touches can make all the difference to toilet cubicles. We have a vast array of different accessories from market-leading suppliers including Dolphin, Saneux and Allgood, which you can use to contrast with or complement any washroom space. With a choice of materials from brass and copper to black powder-coated steel, it’s a far cry from traditional chrome or stainless-steel washroom accessories.

The specially procured architectural pull handles, thumb turns and mortice locks we installed for the toilet and shower cubicles on a recent project demonstrate just how effective accessories can be.

Bespoke vinyl graphics

Adding specially designed vinyl graphics to the toilet cubicle doors – using each door as an individual canvas or the entire run of cubicles, is another great way to create a unique washroom space. The new washrooms we installed in Camden Market were completed with bespoke vinyl graphic lettering, spelling out the word CAMDEN, with the idea being to anchor the washrooms within their surroundings.