Creating the ideal office shower facilities

14th June 2019

Once seen as a luxury, providing staff shower and changing facilities has become an important way for offices to attract and retain the best talent, making them a popular choice for both new buildings and existing spaces undergoing a transformation.

Such amenities appeal to employees who are committed to fitness or environmental sustainability through running or cycling to work. Regular exercise also contributes to employee wellbeing, and with a link between wellbeing and productivity, installing showers in the office is one way to create an environment where employees and businesses can thrive.

With a growing demand for showers and changing areas within offices, we’ve created a range of products which are perfectly suited to the commercial sector.

FENIX shower cubicles

If it’s a luxurious, high performance finish you’re looking for, our FENIX shower cubicle doors offer the perfect solution.

Fenix shower cubicles

FENIX NTM uses the latest nanotechnology to create a highly durable acrylic resin surface, making it a great long-term investment due to its resistance to scratches, anti-fingerprint and anti-bacterial properties.

Available in 15 opaque super matt colours, our full height Alto FENIX shower cubicle doors add a touch of luxury, making your staff shower facilities look and feel more like a high-end gym or health club.

Fenix shower cubicles

Forza lockers

Lockers are an essential part of any office shower space, allowing employees to safely store their belongings while using the facilities. Our durable solid grade laminate Forza lockers offer the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics, as they’re available in a wide range of colours as well as the option to add digital screen-printed designs.

Forza lockers in grey

This style of locker can be built in a Z-shape design as well as the standard rectangular shape, providing office workers with plenty of space to hang up their suits and workwear to avoid creases. You can also choose from a selection of lock types including digital code locks (like the below) which eliminate the need for keys or coins.

Legato benching

A great way to add the finishing touch to your office shower facilities is by installing benching. Our Legato benches, manufactured with solid grade laminate slats and back rests, can be manufactured in a wide range of colours to suit any design and can also be fitted with complementing hook rails for extra storage.

Forza lockers and Legato bench units - Devonshire Square, London

Legato benching can be wall-mounted, a free-standing island unit or alternatively installed within a shower cubicle to offer staff complete privacy to shower and change in one self-contained space.

Legato benching

If you’re looking to install office shower facilities, get in touch with our team today and we’ll create a design that ticks all your boxes – practical, functional and design-led.