Commercial washroom trends

18th December 2018

This year we’ve worked on a number of different commercial projects, delivering washrooms for new build offices and offices undergoing refurbishments alike. While each one has been unique with no two designs the same, we’ve noticed a number of design trends which we think will continue to shape office washrooms and common areas within the commercial sector over the next year.

Accessories in every finish

We’ve seen a move away from standard stainless steel washroom accessories, with specifiers opting instead for a range of different finishes such as brass, copper, bronze as well as powder-coated matt black effect. Utilising different finishes for washroom accessories including toilet cubicle locks, handles, taps and soap dispensers, adds a new dimension to any washroom design, making accessories an integral part of the overall washroom space.



The popularity of metallic finishes extends beyond washroom accessories as we’ve seen metallic finishing touches specified for several projects this year. As part of the refurbishment at Cork Street, for example, each washroom features a unique back-painted glass upstand with an inset hexagonal pattern in bronze to create a stand-out 3D effect design. While on another project our Senza cubicles were faced with a unique rusted metal effect mild steel finish.


A variety of woodgrains

The fact that there are so many different options when it comes to incorporating a woodgrain finish into a washroom area, whether it’s a real wood, laminated or engineered veneer, or even a realistic textured architectural film, a natural wood finish can be created to complement any washroom design. As part of a refurbishment for a 1930s office building this year, we installed our Alto toilet cubicles manufactured using engineered oak treated with ammonia to bring out the natural tannins in the oak and create a dark rich shade. Another project called for pale oak limed veneer for a lighter shade while for a third we used Koto wood veneer, stained to a dark shade without covering over the woodgrain.


If you’re working on an office washroom project for next year, we’d love to hear from you.