Toilet Cubicles

We’ve designed our range of toilet cubicles to suit a variety of applications from full height, flush fronted cubicles for offices to low level cubicle doors ideal for early years education settings. Choose from a wide range of materials, colours and finishes for a bespoke design to complement your washroom space.

Alto toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoAlto toilet cubicles in a dark wood effect Engineered Veneer finish - 65 London Wall

Alto provides an unrivalled design statement for areas where luxury and uncompromising style are essential.

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Alto FENIX toilet cubicle

Alto FENIX cubicles

Based on the popular Alto cubicle system, Alto FENIX creates an attractive, virtually seamless façade with a unique super matt surface and is available in 15 colours.

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Alto Kristalla toilet cubicle

Based on the popular Alto cubicle system, Alto Kristalla has the same rebated edges for a flush façade with but 6mm glass adhered to the face to create a striking, high specification finish.

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Alto Laminate toilet cubicle

Alto Laminate cubicles in dark grey

The full height Alto Laminate toilet cubicle provides an unrivalled design statement.

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Aria toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoAria

A higher specification than Basso, Aria incorporates laminated MDF for all panels, lipped with either matching laminate or corresponding PVC edging, providing greater durability than MFC, whilst offering practicality and value for medium traffic areas in schools, commercial offices and the industrial sector.

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Bambino toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoBambino

Designed for schools, Bambino is a full sized cubicle with reduced height doors to facilitate supervision whilst alleviating any intimidation that a standard cubicle may impose.

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Basso toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoBasso

Basso offers a cost-effective option for washroom and retail change projects.

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Canto toilet cubicle


Providing increased impact resistance, Canto post-formed cubicles manufactured from high pressure laminate (HPL), are well suited to the medium traffic areas of schools, industrial and commercial buildings.

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Forte toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoForte toilet cubicle - purple and grey

Impervious to water, Forte can be specified for shower and wet area changing cubicles.

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Frutti toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoFrutti toilet cubicles at Virgin Active Islington

A fun washroom solution for younger children, Frutti is a freestanding cubicle system offered in solid grade laminate (SGL) for maximum durability.

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Intermezzo toilet cubicle

Intermezzo cubicle

Manufactured from solid grade laminate (SGL) for unparalleled durability, Intermezzo offers a fully enclosed solution suitable for toilet and changing cubicles requiring high levels of privacy whilst being commercially viable.

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Marcato toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoMarcato cubicles and panelling in pale blue - Imperial College, London

A highly engineered cubicle designed with high-specification projects in mind.

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Marcato HPL toilet cubicle

Marcato toilet cubicles at Virgin Active Islington

A highly engineered cubicle designed with high-specification projects in mind.

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Mezzo toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoMezzo toilet cubicles, each one with a different graphic printed to the duct panels - Borderline Soho

Comprising curved aluminium pilasters and headrail with door and division panel options to suit project requirements.

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Oretto toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoOretto cubicles

Oretto offers a striking float glass finish with 100% white screenprint to the reverse.

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Sempre toilet cubicle

Sempre toilet cubicle

Moisture resistant MDF with rebated vertical edges, sprayed to any RAL colour.

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Senza toilet cubicle

NBS BIM logoSenza toilet cubicle

Foot supports are set back to maintain the floating appearance and the stainless steel faceplate compliments the linear profiles.

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Your Space Superloos by Washroom toilet cubicle

Monochrome superloos at One Smart's Place

Our Your Space Superloos by Washroom range provides an excellent alternative solution to a traditional commercial washroom layout.

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