Ergonomically designed and stylish, smartLOK cubicle locks are operated by just the touch of a button.

smartLOK +
smartLOK +
smartLOK +

smartLOK gives cubicles a unique high end, design-led feel. The different lock style options are all ergonomically designed with minimalist simplicity to look like a door handle rather than a traditional bolt indicator.

A simple touch of the handle activates the contact plate to lock or unlock the door smoothly. smartLOK combines high quality mechanics and modern electrics to allow users to open a cubicle door just by touch.

Easy and quick to install, the smartLOK lock set has been designed in such a way that the lock plate will break off cleanly if the door has to be forced open in an emergency situation. This section can then be easily replaced and clicked on to the cubicle door, causing minimal fuss, cost and downtime.

smartLOK is ideal for use with our high specification, full height Alto toilet cubicles.

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