A well rounded approach to office design

27th October 2017

The average office worker will spend almost as many waking hours at work as at home each day so creating a pleasant working environment is essential for staff wellbeing.

214 Grays Inn - Forza Lockers and Marcato toilet and shower cubicles


The link between staff wellbeing and improved productivity is clear. Offices need to provide a space in which staff can thrive and this extends far beyond the workspace itself. This understanding underpins the new WELL Building Standard and has helped shape current office design trends.

The WELL Building standard was devised by the International WELL Building Institute to address how buildings can better perform to improve the health and wellbeing of users. It’s a flexible building standard which covers seven core concepts:








Washroom facilities are clearly an important aspect of any building aiming to achieve WELL Building Standard. So ensuring there are an adequate number of easily accessible toilets for all staff and visitors is a must.

These washrooms must be kept clean, tidy and well-maintained. Our Tego hinged mirror storage system, which is designed to maintain a ready supply of essential consumables such as soap and paper towels, is just one way to achieve this.

Bespoke vanity units with integrated waste bins, handbag shelves and infrared sensor operated taps can also help to ensure washrooms remain hygienically clean and tidy, making them pleasant places for office workers. While installing fully enclosed full height, floor-to-ceiling toilet cubicles, such as our Alto range, is an excellent way to ensure complete privacy for end users.

The WELL Building standard also encompasses fitness. With increasing numbers of office workers cycling into work, taking a fitness class at lunchtime or hitting the gym, providing office workers with staff shower and changing facilities is ideal to promote wellbeing among staff.

As a result staff shower and changing facilities, which would once have been a luxury, are fast becoming standard for new build and refurbished office buildings.

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