Washroom introduces two new FENIX products

11th October 2022

We’ve expanded our product collection with two new FENIX products – Marcato FENIX cubicles and Forza FENIX lockers – offering our clients even more flexibility and choice when it comes to creating bespoke washrooms and changing areas.

Both our Marcato FENIX cubicles and Forza FENIX lockers are manufactured using FENIX NTM compact laminate from Arpa Industriale – an innovative super matt and soft touch material ideal for use on vertical and horizontal surfaces. The Italian design, which is available in 15 highly opaque matt colours, uses nanotechnology to create a high-performance surface which is anti-fingerprint, impact resistant, hydro repellent and thermally self-healing.

We’ve designed our Marcato FENIX cubicle with two variations to be suitable for either wet or dry areas meaning they can be used as a shower, toilet or dry change cubicle depending on the project requirements. There’s also the option of extending the cubicle to full height for increased privacy. Marcato FENIX cubicles, just like our popular full height flush fronted Alto FENIX toilet cubicles, are the perfect addition to any high specification washroom area thanks to their ultra matt appearance and soft touch surface.

Our new Forza FENIX lockers bring the same aesthetic and performance benefits of FENIX NTM laminate to our standard range of lockers for the first time. Based on our popular Forza locker design, the new Forza FENIX cubicles are manufactured with a hardwearing aluminium carcass for exceptional durability and are available in a range of configurations including our Z shape design, to meet the requirements of any design brief.

If you’ve got a project that would benefit from the soft touch finish of FENIX, get in touch with our team today to find out more.