Unlocking the potential

21st April 2017

With the introduction of the new twelve-sided one pound coin, which will co-exist with the original pound coin until October of this year, what options are available if you have this type of locker?

Glass ilocker, back-painted in yellow witth digital access code

We have been installing lockers with coin operated locks designed to accept both types of pound coin for the last 12 months to prepare our clients for the switch over – making the transition as seamless as possible. Our coin operated locks can be configured to accept Euros or tokens too and can be designed to refund the coin or collect it if a charge needs to be made for use of the locker – making them a popular choice especially for public leisure facilities.

If you’re looking for a different solution altogether, all our lockers, which can manufactured to complement any theme or colour scheme, are available with multiple lock options to suit your individual requirements while still providing a secure storage facility for end-users.

Card locks, which operate using credit card style membership cards, provide a cash free alternative and are ideal for member only facilities.

Digital code locks are another popular choice for private leisure facilities and more recently office staff changing areas. These locks, which are operated by four digit code of users’ own choice and come with override function built in, offer a fuss-free storage solution with no keys to manage.

Cam locks make an excellent low cost solution for allocated locker installations such as staff rooms and schools as each comes complete with their own unique key.

Locker hasp locks can be used with any padlock as the rotation of the catch is prevented by the padlock in locked position.

Not only that, but our bespoke locker service also offers clients the opportunity to specify individual locker designs, whether that’s using different shaped doors or manufacturing using different materials and finishes, we’ve got the locker solution for you!