Thinking outside the cubicle

18th May 2017

It may be a cliché, but when it comes to washroom design, we love to think outside the box, or in our case – outside the cubicle!

Thinking outside the cubicle

Luminoso glass shower cubicles with saloon style doors

Our clients are increasingly looking for washrooms which are unique, out of the ordinary or different to the norm – a trend that drove us to create our flagship Iconica Collection.

The Iconica Collection offers an exclusive range of up-specified designs, materials and finishes not traditionally associated with washrooms. Ideal for projects demanding exacting aesthetic and performance standards it allows architects and specifiers to make any design a reality as the collection is tailored to your clients’ individual specifications.

With Iconica the possibilities are virtually limitless!

So whether you’re after a washroom or changing area which reflects the style of the building itself or you’re looking for something completely different – Iconica will have the solution that’s right for you.

Iconica Collection - Tego, corian vanities

We’re constantly extending the scope of the Iconica Collection and adding new options to the range. Featuring a huge array of different materials and finishes from deep gloss lacquered doors, back painted toughened glass, real wood veneers and anodised aluminium, Iconica provides all the tools you need to create a washroom in any style or to match any theme. Discover more about the Iconica Collection here.

While practical considerations of washroom design are clearly important and always will be, washrooms which deliver on style make maximum impact on both clients and end users – which is what makes our Iconica Collection so special.

So if you’ve got a washroom design idea but you’re not sure if it’s possible get in touch today.  We’ll work with you to realise your design and think outside the cubicle!

Thinking outside the cubicle