The beauty of bespoke

29th March 2018

Delivering beautifully bespoke washroom designs is at the heart of our business. It’s the reason why we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach and is what led us to develop our unique Iconica Collection.

With a virtually endless array of design possibilities for our cubicle doors, vanities, benching, lockers and integrated duct panelling, flexibility is key to the Iconica Collection. All our products can be tailored to clients’ individual specifications to create unique washroom and changing room spaces.

The Iconica Collection isn’t exhaustive – it’s intended to be a guide to what could be achieved and here’s just a flavour of the bespoke design options you could take advantage of:


With back-painted glass, spray painted cubicles available on top of hundreds of different shades of solid surface materials and laminate finishes to specify, you’ll be able to match exact shades to complement corporate branding or interior design themes and colour schemes used elsewhere in the building.

Digital screen-printing

The option to include bespoke digital screen-printed graphics can further personalise a washroom space as well as reflecting themes used elsewhere including corporate branding to create a sense of cohesion.

Bespoke features

Vanity units with integrated handbag shelves, concealed consumables or duct panelling which doubles up to offer concealed storage can also be included, enabling architects to create a washrooms designed around clients’ individual needs.

Unusual materials

Utilising materials which are not traditionally associated with washrooms including solid surface Corian, anodised aluminium, cast acrylic, Silestone and FENIX NTM® is an ideal way to make a washroom design stand out.

Reflecting the surroundings

A washroom is an integral part of any building and through careful design can reflect the personality of the building to create a sense of cohesion throughout the building. This bespoke vanity unit with carved Terracotta upstand, for example, was designed and installed as a nod to the intricate carvings on the 19th century Grade II listed building’s façade.

Don’t forget to you can visit us at the new Saneux Showroom in Clerkenwell to check out our latest projects and see for yourself the beauty of bespoke.