Taking washroom builds off-site

10th May 2018

We know that even a small delay to one aspect of a large-scale refurbishment or new build project can prove costly. And while condensed timeframes are becoming more common, such scheduling can mean having to work simultaneously around other trades, which adds to the pressure and increases the risk of mistakes being made, resulting in delays.

Offsite mock-up

In this context, off-site construction is gaining ground as an efficient, cost-effective solution, but how can it be harnessed to benefit your next washroom project?

Our approach to off-site construction, which differs from the traditional modular off-site building model, means there’s no need to compromise on quality or uniqueness. Each washroom can be individually manufactured to incorporate bespoke elements.

Using this approach to off-site, we can build an entire run of washrooms in our factory ahead of installation. Full-scale washrooms are built to the exact site measurements and even take into consideration the placement of existing windows, doors and lighting and so on to create an accurate representation of the finished space.

At this point, which can be several months ahead of installation on site, we’d invite clients to take the opportunity to view the mock-ups at our factory, just 30 minutes from central London by train. Small changes to the design can be made at this stage without the risk of delaying the overall project schedule.

Once complete, the washrooms are deconstructed and stored ready to transport to site exactly when required. The reduced installation time and smoother delivery process leaves the way clear for other trades to work and allows our installers the flexibility to work away from the confines of a busy construction site, preventing any avoidable mistakes and reducing the risk of costly delays.

Take a look at our 4 Kingdom Street case study to see how our off-site service can work in practice.