We’re taking steps to reduce our carbon footprint

5th May 2023

We’ve invested in a fleet of new fuel-efficient vans together with electric fork lifts as part of our continued commitment to sustainability by reducing the embedded carbon associated with our operations as a manufacturer.

All six new vans, which include four curtain side Luton vans, one box Luton van and one short wheel base van, are classed as Euro 6 – the lowest level for emissions as set by the European Commission. This range of vehicles allows us to easily fulfil all the different loading and delivery requirements unique to our specific project needs and maximise efficiency. As our vans are in constant use, making regular journeys from our factory in Essex to sites across London and beyond, minimising emissions on each journey will reduce our carbon footprint.

We’ve also recently ordered four new electric fork lifts following a successful trial to test their efficiency at our manufacturing site. These will replace all but one of our current fork lifts – with the only remaining diesel being a specialist side loader. The new electric fork lifts are due to arrive on site here towards the end of this year – we’ll report back on carbon saved once they are fully operational.

What’s more, eight of our company vehicles are now fully electric with more to come as we gradually upgrade our company cars. We’ve also installed eight EV charging points on site at our head office for staff and visitors, which is far more than the one point a workplace with more than 10 spaces is currently required to provide.

Since 2008 our entire 58,000 sq ft manufacturing site and head office has been heated using our on-site biomass boiler which runs on wood offcuts from the factory. Not only does this reduce the waste we create, but it saves so much carbon it’s equivalent to taking 150 family estate cars off the road each year too – further reducing our overall carbon footprint.

Sustainability is complex but we see it as a continual process of improvements and adjustments – to the way we manufacture, the materials we use and how we deliver these to site. Taking these steps means we’re on track to be carbon neutral in the not-too-distant future.