A super solution: Superloos

6th October 2018

We’re proud to be at the forefront of the latest washroom trends such as superloos, which have been transforming washroom design, particularly within the commercial office sector. If you’ve not come across the term before, superloos are self-contained toilet cubicles with a toilet, vanity unit and hand-drying facilities, usually with a full height cubicle door.

Here we look at why superloos have become such a popular alternative solution for washrooms.

Cork Street


One of the key reasons for the recent surge in demand for superloos is the fact that they can be unisex in design.

Not only does this mean they can help reduce queues for the ladies, but the privacy superloos offer makes them the ultimate inclusive washroom solution. They’re suitable for all genders and as a result provide a safe option for transgender users.

The unisex nature of superloos eliminates the need for separate male and female washrooms, meaning that they’re the ideal choice where space is limited by providing an alternative layout option.


Space saving

By installing self-contained superloos, there’s no need for separate vanities and hand-drying facilities as these are included within the cubicle itself which helps to maximise the available floorplate – essential where space is at a premium.

Increasingly clients within the office sector are looking for washroom designs to complement the rest of the building but with space sometimes limited on some floors, superloos provide the best of both worlds – consistency of design combined with space-saving layout.


Clean, hygienic and compact

Products like our innovative Tego hinged mirror offer the perfect partnership with superloos, incorporating vanity essentials such as mirrors, liquid soap and paper towels within the cubicle. Designs are tailored to the space available, offering a compact, yet stylish washroom solution.

Not only do our Tego mirrors save space, but they also contribute to the cleanliness of superloos thanks to their all-in-one nature. With handwashing and drying facilities in one space, it can also decrease the opportunity for germs to be spread – making them a more hygienic option.


Take a look at our latest case studies, particularly 5-9 Cork Street and 125 Wood Street to see how superloos look in situ and how they could benefit your next project.