Promoting good hygiene to keep bugs at bay

9th March 2020

Official government advice issued in the last week states that people should regularly wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds to minimise the risk of spreading infections like the new strain of coronavirus.

Hand washing

Providing clean, well maintained washroom facilities for workplaces and public buildings has never been more important. Washrooms which are hygienically-clean by design will reduce the cleaning burden on facilities managers and create a pleasant space for end users and here are just a few ways to guarantee washrooms remain clean and pristine.

The Tego hinged mirror system, a bespoke design created by our team, provides a hygienic solution for washrooms – making it ideally suited to busy office environment. It’s a compact, hidden washroom storage system for essentials such as paper towels, liquid soap, taps, electrical points and cleaning agents. The Tego system fits neatly into place above any vanity unit and can be customised with LED feature lighting plus etched or printed symbols on the mirror surface to highlight details such as towels and soap.

Tego hinged mirror - Ziggy Stardust

The installation of sensor-operated infrared taps, either as part of the Tego system or separately, is another key way to limit the potential spread of bacteria by removing the need to touch the surface of the tap to operate it. Integrated wastebins within the vanity units help to keep washroom areas clean and tidy and harmful germs safely contained.

We pride ourselves on creating washrooms which offer the perfect balance of form and function, with materials specified to deliver on style as well as being easy to clean and maintain. Innovative new solid surfacing materials and laminates with in-built antibacterial properties are an ideal choice for vanity units and integrated duct panels alike.

Regular hand-washing is a simple step we can all take to minimise the potential threat from coronavirus to keep businesses running as normal. With a carefully considered washroom design, keeping facilities hygienically clean for all users is simple.