A new addition to the FENIX family

25th April 2019

We’ve extended our FENIX NTM® laminate range to offer the high specification, fashionably matt finish for even more different spaces and in a range of styles.

Alto FENIX shower cubicles

We’re now able to offer the high specification FENIX laminate finish as part of our Marcato toilet and shower cubicle range. Not only that, but our popular Alto FENIX toilet cubicle is now available as a shower and changing cubicle option too, to complement the existing range.

Manufactured in Italy by Arpa Industriale, FENIX NTM uses the latest nanotechnology to create a highly durable, tough acrylic resin surface. It offers very low light reflectivity, creating an extremely opaque super matt surface which is also soft to the touch. It’s anti-fingerprint, hydro repellent and resistant to scratches and abrasion, boasts enhanced anti-bacterial properties and is thermally self-healing – all of which makes it the ideal choice for commercial projects where a high performance and stylish finish is required.

Since we launched our full height flush front Alto FENIX toilet cubicles, which are available in a range of 15 colours, they’ve gone down a storm particularly within the office market. By extending the FENIX range to our highly engineered Marcato cubicles, in the same range of 15 colours, we can offer clients a different look with the same fantastic performance attributes.

We’ve found that as staff shower and changing areas have become increasingly commonplace in the office sector, clients have been keen to create a space that stands out, with many more like a luxury leisure club or gym than an office facility. Being able to specify FENIX shower cubicles is an ideal way to create a luxurious space that is still durable enough to withstand a lot of regular use.