We need to talk mental health

21st February 2022

This year we’re focussing on the mental health and general wellbeing of all our staff and we’re enlisting the help of a new company-wide team of trained mental health first aiders as part of this.

While the last two years have brought new challenges and stresses into our lives, the fact is that construction, as a predominantly male-dominated industry, has long had an issue with mental health which is made worse by the stigma surrounding it. We want to create an inclusive working environment, whether that’s in our factory, head office or out on sites up and down the country – making sure everyone in our team feels welcome, respected and listened to.

This year we’re putting together a team of mental health first aiders, who between them work in roles across the whole business. They will all be receiving professional training in the coming weeks and after which they will then be the point of contact should any member of staff be suffering from poor mental health or just need someone to talk to. They will be trained in how to deal with situations with compassion and understanding, simply listening as well as offering practical support in terms of advice on which health professionals to reach out to for further help and how we as a company could support them.

Once the training is complete, we’ll be introducing the team and explaining their role so that everyone at Washroom and Cre8 will be aware who they can speak to should they need to. And as well as being there to listen, our mental health first aiders also understand how to actively encourage conversations around mental health to break the stigma.

We’re making the time to get involved in national initiatives too such as the recent Time to Talk Day, which is dubbed ‘the nation’s biggest mental health conversation’ and is supported by mental health charity Mind. On the day, we positioned conversation starter packs at various points around our office and factory floor, which went down well.

It’s never been more important to look after our mental health and taking time to talk and listen to each other is a small but mighty tool we can use to make a big difference. Together we can fight the stigma of mental health and support each other so we can all carry on doing what we do best.