Keeping washrooms on track, off-site

21st February 2019


With increasing time-constraints placed on large-scale refurbishments and new build projects alike, it’s no surprise that off-site construction is growing in popularity.

Alto toilet cubicles with a stained real wood veneer finish - 4 Kingdom Street

While the traditional modular off-site construction model provides a cost-effective and efficient solution, it can limit scope for bespoke design. Here at Washroom Washroom, we take this concept to the next level to deliver tailored off-site solutions.

When an off-site build is required, in the months before installation on site we can build full-scale mock-up washrooms in our factory – incorporating all bespoke elements of the design. Once constructed, we invite the client and architect to our factory, which is conveniently located just a 30 minute train ride from London, to view the washroom mock-up.

This provides the opportunity to look at the washroom design as it will look when complete so that they can be confident it will work in the building and are happy with the materials, colours and finishes specified. If they decide small changes need to be made to the design at this stage, we can do so without delaying the agreed project completion timeframe.

Once the client has confirmed they’re happy with the washroom, we dismantle the mock-up and store it ahead of installation. We’re then able to quickly and efficiently install the washrooms on site, working to the same high standards as approved by the client in our factory.

The perfect example of our off-site service is 4 Kingdom Street in London. Working closely with the refurbishment’s main contractors, we created full-size mock-ups which even took into consideration the placement of windows, doors and lighting in the office’s allocated washroom space – allowing the client to see an accurate representation of the finished space.

We’re also currently installing new washrooms as part of a refurbishment at New Bracken House following the approval of our factory-based mock-up, and are looking forward to sharing the finished results with you on LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram