Getting Cre8ive Together

20th May 2019

We’ve completed a number of high specification projects alongside our partner company, Cre8 Joinery delivering a full joinery service to complement our bespoke washroom and changing area spaces. As the summer approaches we thought we’d look back at some recent projects we’ve designed, manufactured and installed with Cre8 Joinery, all of which demonstrate how we’re ‘Cre8ive Together’

One Smart’s Place

For this large modern office development, we installed unisex Alto full height toilet cubicles in white HPL laminate with solid surfacing edges. To add a stylish monochrome finish, the washrooms were completed using black finish ironmongery and toughened back painted low iron glass faced wall panels.

One Smart's Place

This style was continued throughout the office, with the Cre8 team installing concrete wall panelling in the reception area which is designed to be in keeping with the simple yet stylish design.

One Smart's Place reception

Heddon Street Café

Little Green Café on Heddon Street, which was made famous by David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust album cover, brings art, food and coffee together. To create the café’s unique look, Cre8 Joinery installed a mixed materials servery counter with fluted frontage.

Heddon Street cafe

Mirroring the café’s style, we installed new washrooms with marble tiled Concerto duct panels and wall-mounted vanity units.

Heddon Street cafe washrooms

98 Fetter Lane

We installed stylish Alto full height flush fascia cubicles faced with eco-friendly bamboo veneer and DDA compliant stainless steel locks and stainless steel hardware.

Fetter Lane washrooms

As part of the project, Cre8 installed the panelling in the office’s reception area, also in Bamboo to complement the new washroom areas.


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