Getting to the core with Corian

31st January 2018

We’ve witnessed a steady increase in demand for Corian® Solid Surface in recent years, especially on high end commercial projects. One of the first solid surface materials to enter the market, Corian remains a clear brand leader today, meaning it is often specified by name which has helped it gain a lot of ground.

But what is it about Corian that gives it such a strong appeal and are there any viable alternatives?

Corian wash trough vanity unit


Standing on solid ground

Solid surface materials are manufactured using an advanced blend of pure acrylic polymer, pigments and natural mineral fillers. Materials like Corian are ideal for a wide range of interior applications including kitchen worktops, vanity units, restaurant worktops, reception desks and duct panelling.

As a result of its acrylic polymer composition, the colour and pattern runs consistently all the way through to produce a perfectly neat and unified appearance. This solid colour offers greater flexibility as solid surface materials can be cut, bent and joined to create a seamless finish allowing it to be fashioned into virtually any three dimensional shape.


Versatile design: endless possibilities

Corian is available in an ever expanding range of solid colours and unique patterns, providing architects with all the tools needed to create a stand-out design.

Corian’s stone-like finish can be used to create designs which mimic the appearance of natural stone such as granite and marble. In this respect, Corian can provide a cost-effective alternative to concrete or expensive stone.


What other options are there?

Since solid surface materials first came onto the market, there are now 20 or so similar materials for specifiers to select from. We’ve utilised alternative solid surface materials such as Silestone, LG Hi Macs, Staron and Zodiaq for bespoke vanity units, grooming shelves and wall panelling among other applications in recent years to meet the latest project specifications.

But for us, Corian remains a force to be reckoned with for high specification projects including office washrooms. Its luxury high specification finish is hygienic and highly durable as well as being easy to clean and maintain – offering the perfect balance for specifiers.

We can order Corian in large quantities so can provide a competitive price and speedy delivery to meet even the tightest project turnaround time. In fact, such has been the demand for bespoke Corian items on recent projects that we’ve created a dedicated Corian workshop at our factory.

Take a look at our Corian inspired Pinterest board to see just what can be achieved!