Environmentally friendly washroom solutions

23rd July 2018

We understand how important the issue of sustainability is to our clients and it’s something that we take very seriously.

Bamboo faced Alto toilet cubicles

We constantly review and monitor our suppliers, products and processes in order to minimise our impact on the environment both in terms of the manufacturing and production of washrooms as well as considering the impact the finished product will have.

Material choice

We regularly assess the materials we use to make sure we’re able to offer a range of environmentally friendly options. As part of a recent office refurbishment project, for example, we used an eco-friendly Bamboo veneer for the toilet cubicles. Manufactured from laminated blocks of bamboo which are then sliced and sanded before being backed with a fine fleece material to give it extra strength, Bamboo veneer is a highly sustainable option as it can grow at a phenomenally fast rate.

Where we use wood or real wood veneer, you can rest assured that we only use FSC certified wood from responsible sources.

Cutting down on waste

Our new Refresh service reduces waste generated by washroom refurbishment projects by refreshing existing washroom facilities rather than replacing them altogether. Using a wide range of different architectural films, our team can wrap toilet cubicle doors quickly to create a hard-wearing, stain and even fire resistant finish.

We’ve also invested in technologies to improve the sustainability of our production methods. Our new centralised dust extraction system, which collects all waste centrally before it is then used to fuel the huge biomass boiler on site, ensures that our factory is as energy efficient as possible. And, to reduce emissions we are committed to investing in increasingly fuel efficient vehicles which are designed to fulfil a vast range of different loading and delivery requirements.

For us to truly make a difference, the whole supply chain must work together to improve sustainability on any given project and we’re proud to play our part in this process.