Designer Washrooms: 2020 trends

22nd January 2020

Over the last two decades we’ve endlessly pushed the boundaries of commercial washroom design for our clients. As we embark on a new decade, what better time to look ahead at the key trends we predict are going to influence washroom designs in the coming years.

WC cubicle signage - St John’s Square, London


Unique washrooms – not one-size-fits-all

Washrooms should be a key part of any interior design, especially in the highly competitive commercial and office market where such facilities can be used as a marker by which to judge the rest of the building. As an essential part of the overall building design, clients are keen to create washrooms which stand out for all the right reasons.

We work with an ever-expanding range of materials, finishes and colours, allowing us to create washrooms as unique as our clients, without comprise. In recent years we’ve completed projects for clients wanting to subtly incorporate company branding into the design as well as washroom spaces to contrast or complement the style of the rest of the building. With more options than ever before for washroom design, it’s a trend we’re confident will continue.

unique washrooms


Mix of natural and man-made materials

Architects and specifiers delivering new washroom spaces are increasingly keen to include natural materials within the design – whether that’s real wood veneers, stone vanities, concrete panelling or metallic finishes such as brass and copper.

And with innovative new man-made materials available to specify including solid surface materials like Corian® and Silestone®, which can be designed to mimic popular natural materials like marble, specifiers can have the best of both worlds. These next generation, man-made materials can closely replicate popular natural materials, while offering a host of practical benefits to ensure washrooms can withstand the rigours of a high traffic environment.

We’re always on the look-out for new materials to work with so we’ll be keeping a close eye out to see what exciting new materials will become available as the 20s get underway.

Copper vanities


Unisex and gender neutral facilities

Superloos, which are self-contained cubicles containing a WC as well as hand washing and drying facilities, are now a common sight in office buildings in particular as they’re an ideal way to maximise on the available floor space.

The fact that such facilities can be very easily designated as either unisex or gender neutral means they can help make workspaces more inclusive – something which is only going to increase in importance.


Colour of the Year

Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2020 is ‘Classic Blue’ which is described as being calming, restful and reflective as well as being ‘elegant in its simplicity’.

Our range of toilet, changing and shower cubicles as well as our vanity units and benches are all available in a wide range of colours from across the spectrum. Whether you want to specify ‘Classic Blue’, or a muted palette to tone in with natural materials, or bold colours to make a statement, we can find your perfect match.

Alto full height shower cubicles - Park House


With our own in-house design and manufacturing departments we have the flexibility to create trend-setting washrooms which meet our clients’ individual requirements. Take a look at our online project gallery to see some of our most recent projects for yourself.