Delivering off-site manufactured washrooms

7th July 2017

We’re nearing completion on a major office refurb project in the heart of London’s Paddington district which has made full use of our off-site service.

Offsite mock-up

Full sized mock-up

A key part of this project was the mock-up washroom which we created to full scale at our factory in Essex, months ahead of the planned on-site installation.

All the elements of the design, including the concrete top vanities, bespoke ipad holders and cubicle doors, featured in the mock-up to the exact specifications required. We used the mock-up to work closely with both the client and architectural team to agree the exact colour match for the wood veneer finish on the cubicle doors at this early stage in the process.

Offsite manufactured washroom

Completed washroom

Everything, including the placement of the washroom doors and windows, was carefully considered. We even took a photo looking out of the existing toilet window and this image was then blown up to the exact size and included as part of the factory washroom set. This allowed the client the opportunity to view the washroom as close to complete as possible.

Once the exact design was agreed upon, all the washrooms for each floor of the building were manufactured and made up at our factory before being taken apart and stored ready to be delivered to site just in time for installation.

The installation is now just about complete so watch out for more details soon!