DDA compliance – contrast is key

28th July 2017

Considering ways to ensure washrooms are accessible to all users is an essential part of the design process and something which we take very seriously.

DDA washroom accessories

The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) has been law in the UK for more than two decades and is set in law to prevent discrimination against those less able. Being DDA compliant in terms of washroom design goes further than the need to provide disabled facilities with wide cubicles and outward opening doors.

Accessories are equally important and we work with the leading accessories manufacturers to ensure that cubicle locks and grabrails are DDA compliant where required.

In order to meet DDA regulations, there needs to be a good level of contrast with a minimum difference in Light Reflective Value (LRV) of at least 30 points between washroom accessories and the surface they’re fitted to in order to stand out. The best way to achieve this is to imagine how colours would look in black and white. If a bright red and bright blue were photocopied in black and white, the colour differential in the shade of grey would be nominal.  However, if you then repeated the exercise with light and dark blue, the difference between the shades of grey would be significant.

Here’s some good examples from some of our latest projects:

DDA washroom accessories

Brass finish ironmongery to the fascia which is a high gloss black laminate


DDA washroom accessories

Matt effect, stainless steel lock against white gloss finish laminate cubicle door.


DDA washroom accessories

Stainless steel DDA compliant locks against Formica AR plus gloss laminate finish cubicles


DDA washroom accessories

High gloss laminate cubicle doors and pilasters with bronze finish cubicle locks, hinges, pull handles and coat hooks.

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