Creative office design for a creative millennial workforce

29th June 2017

Millennials are a generation associated with creativity, flexibility and environmental awareness – something employers are recognising and appealing to, most notably through office design.

214 Grays Inn - Forza Lockers and Marcato toilet and shower cubicles

Open plan offices and rows of identikit office cubicles are a thing of the past. Creative and tech companies have been at the forefront of unconventional office design, with slides, games rooms and vibrant colour schemes all appearing. While some companies still favour a more traditional office design, those keen to attract the best talent recognise the importance of giving employees a reward for their commute with an enviable workspace.

The ‘wellness’ trend is a growing force especially among millennials who take fitness seriously.  Cycling into work, taking a fitness class at lunchtime and hitting the gym are all activities to take into consideration when creating an office to cater for a young workforce. Staff shower and changing facilities are becoming the norm for offices, with luxury facilities, like the innovative new cycle centre we installed at 214 Grays Inn Road, growing in popularity.

Nobody wants to go down with a bug, least of all health-conscious millennials, so creating washrooms which are hygienic and easy-to-clean is a must. Our new Alto Fenix toilet cubicles are not only easy-to-clean, but also mould resistant with enhanced anti-bacterial properties, making them a popular choice for office washrooms such as these installed for a major fashion retailer in Leicester.

However creative your workspace design, we have a washroom, leisure and changing facility to perfectly complement your office and the people in it!