Why choose FENIX NTM® laminate?

29th October 2019

We work hard to manufacture and source materials and products that not only look attractive, but are hardwearing and practical in equal measure. And FENIX NTM® laminate is an excellent example – offering the perfect balance of form and function without compromise, but what makes it so unique?

Fenix shower cubicles

The wonder material

FENIX NTM® has been one of the stand-out developments in the industry in recent years, with its acrylic resin surface created through the use of nanotechnology by Italian manufacturer Arpa Industriale. Its impressive list of benefits make it the ideal solution for washrooms across a variety of sectors, from commercial to healthcare.

Impressively, FENIX NTM® is able to heal surface marks through heat as well as being anti-fingerprint, hydro repellent and resistant to scratches and abrasion. Its anti-bacterial properties also contribute to its high performance in a number of applications, making it ideal for washrooms.


Whether it’s for an office washroom, leisure facility changing area or something in between, FENIX NTM® can offer the perfect solution across sectors thanks to its versatility.

As well as its anti-bacterial properties making it ideal for applications where hygiene is a key requirement, such as educations and healthcare establishments, it’s available as part of our range of Alto FENIX toilet cubicles, Marcato toilet cubicles and Marcato shower cubicles. We also recently installed our Concerto integrated duct panels faced in black FENIX laminate for a Covent Garden office to create a simple yet stylish unisex washroom space.



While FENIX NTM® can be used across our range of toilet and shower cubicles, it’s also available in 15 colours – so the design and installation can be tailored to suit any colour scheme to make sure it’s in keeping with the client’s vision for their washroom space.

A popular choice with designers for high quality washrooms where performance and style are equally important, it offers very low light reflectivity resulting in an extremely opaque super matt surface. It’s also soft to the touch, offering an extra luxury feel to installations.

If you’re considering a washroom installation, get in touch on 0800 999 8888 or by emailing at info@washroom.co.uk.