Tempo Lockers

The perfect solution for secure storage in high-traffic areas.

Tempo lockers are the perfect solution for secure personal storage in high-traffic areas, such as public leisure centres, swimming pools and schools.

The combination of solid grade laminate carcasses and rigid aluminium framework and full length corner extrusions affords exceptional strength and permits total sizing flexibility.

Locker doors are fabricated from 13mm solid grade laminate (SGL) with the core polished to a smooth profile and radiused safety corner details. The locker bodies comprise a rigid anodised aluminium framework housing 6mm solid grade laminate panels forming the carcase.

Shelf tops and bottoms are manufactured from 13mm SGL.

Available in a range of colours, which can be mixed to provide a lighter appearance, Tempo offers a non-porous, easy clean solution for the changing room environment.

Tempo lockers +
Tempo lockers +



6mm white solid grade laminate


12/13mm solid grade laminate with inset number disc


12/13mm white solid grade laminate


Satin anodised aluminium sections


Satin anodised aluminium sprung hinges


– Height: 1800mm. Width: 300mm
– Depth: 500mm. Plinth: By others

The above dimensions reflect typical standardised locker sizes. However Tempo lockers are available manufactured to suit your specific requirements.



Coin return locks: Perfect for public sports this lock is adjustable to facilitate various coinage including Euros and tokens.

Card locks: Ideal for member only facilities this provides a cash free alternative. Credit card style membership cards can be adapted to operate these locks.

Digital code locks: No keys to manage, operated by 4 digit code of users choice (with override).

Cam locks: For use with personalised/allocated locker installations such as staff rooms and schools.

Locker hasp: For use where the user provides their own padlock.

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