Granite Ducting

Granite ducting is generally applied to a support framework which is built to measure on site.

Once complete, templates are made for each piece of granite to ensure every piece of natural stone is cut to the exact size and shape for a perfect fit.

Granite Ducting +
Granite Ducting +


The system requires a support framework – with the option to select from either our Concerto (timber frame) or Meta (aluminium frame) products. The frames are constructed on site and a high-pressure laminate (12mm MDF), in a corresponding or contrasting colour to the duct panels, is applied to the face to create the flashgaps.

Where removable access panels are required for future maintenance and repair, the granite is bonded to a substrate to allow fixing clips to be fitted. The panels, including access panels, are then bonded to the support framework. Hinged and lockable panels are also available.

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